C.L. Prep Academy offers a Before & After-School program where we offer activities for children of all ages, including our Saturday tutoring session. All of our activities help the social and academic development of children. We believe children learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child's unique learning style. Our kids enjoy the hand-on activities that we provide daily!

Our kindergarten curriculum include:

  • Hooked-on-Phonics, Leap Frog DVD and Brainy Baby 
  • Reciting and recognizing Days of the week, months of the year 
  • Counting & recognizing numbers 1-100 and even beyond
  • Math (addition, subtraction & multiplication), advanced math such as re-grouping and telling time
  • Colors, shapes, writing & tracing including spelling colors, spelling days of the week and months of the year
  • Language Arts such as grammar where learning nouns, verbs & adjectives. Weekly spelling are also given
  • Weekly Bible verses beginning with the letter of the alphabet. Learning the books of the Bible in the old & new testament is also part of our curriculum


Our 1st Grade through 6th Grade curriculum include:

  • Bible- Weekly Bible verses, Learning books of the Bible
  • Penmanship & Cursive writing (Not offered in the public school)
  • History & Science (Not offered in the public school)
  • Math (advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)
  • Weekly spelling test, Grammar, Reading


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